Twin Wire Arc Spray (TWAS)


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TWAS – Twin Wire Arc Spray

– Flexible 6-axis ABB robot for consistently ultra-high quality coatings
– Excellent Mechanical Bond Strength
– Superior Corrosion Resistance
– Ability to spray onto almost any surface
– Heavy Build-ups – up to and greater than .050”/side

Many TWAS Coatings for Wear, Corrosion, and Dimensional Restoration

– Application Specific – Engineered Coatings
– Variable Hardness and Porosity Based Upon Application
– 6,000+ psi Bond Strength

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Over 300 TWAS wires/combinations to choose from:

– Iron Hard Facing Alloys
Tungsten Carbide

– Wear Resistant Alloys
– Amorphous Alloys
– Corrosion Resistant Alloys
– 400 Stainless Steel
– 300 Stainless Steel
– Many Other Wires That Permit an Engineered Coating for YOUR Application

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