What is H.H. Chromeseal?

H.H. Chromeseal is HHC’s special Hard Chrome process that is enhanced with various impregnated materials within its microstructure.  Impregnated with a combination of dry lubricants, release agents, and hard or heat resistant materials significantly reduces friction, wear, galling, sticking, corrosion,chemical attack and/or heat damage.

What are the benefits?

HHC can rebuild your used parts of process new ones, eliminating or greatly reducing any of the aforementioned problems.  The H.H. Chromeseal process has provided a significant cost reduction for virtually every industrial application in the world.  H.H. Chromeseal is harder than glass and almost as slick as Teflon!

H.H. Chromeseal has greatly reduced friction problems such as galling, scoring,
fretting, and seizure on items such as:

  • splined shafts in splined bushings (utilizing H.H. Chromeseal against H.H. Chromeseal)
  • cams and cam followers
  • shafts and sleeves
  • extrusion and forging dies

The effectiveness and longevity of almost any machine part subject to wear problems can be significantly increased by applying H.H. Chromeseal.

H.H. Chromeseal has substantially increased the life of machine parts used in the printing industry which are subject to severe wear due to the abrasive and corrosive environments caused by the paper, paper dust, and printing inks.  H.H. Chromeseal has also made positive impacts in the packaging and food processing industry where the use of stainless steel and frequent solvent cleaning has created difficult lubrication problems.

H.H. Chromeseal has endless applications across many different industries.

HHC demonstration kits are available by calling one of the HHC representatives or by filling out the form on our Contact Us page.