Our Services

Hausner Hard Chrome offers many service options to satisfy your needs.

  • Exclusive providers of H.H. Chromeseal® process
  • New High Density Void Free Chrome
  • Full-time operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure quick turnaround of your job
  • Extraordinary capacity to handle parts from small dental burrs to 75 ton mill rolls
  • Plating on ALL metals — ferrous and non-ferrous — includes aluminum, all cast metals, and carbides
  • Plating thickness from 10 millionths (0.00001″) to over one-quarter inch (0.250″)
  • On-Site plating and repair services to protect your equipment
  • 100% incoming and outgoing quality control ensures close tolerances
  • Exceeds all government standards for environmental safety

Plating Services

H.H. Chromeseal Process

H.H. Chromeseal is HHC’s special Hard Chrome process that is enhanced with various impregnated materials within its microstructure. Impregnating with a combination of dry lubricants, release agents, and hard or heat resistant materials significantly reduces friction, wear, galling, sticking, corrosion, chemical attack and/or heat damage.  Learn more about H.H.Chromeseal

HDVF Chrome Process

HHC’s new High Density Void Free Chrome (HDVF), also known as Thin Dense Chrome (TDC), can be applied to stainless steel running against steel without lubrication due to the deposit of a uniform dense hard chrome without any imperfections in or on top of the chrome coating at a hardness of 65 to 68 RC.

Coating both mating surfaces will give you a low friction, anti-galling surface without lubrication.

The new chrome is ideal for food processing equipment, pharmaceutical companies, and computer manufacturers.  It is also ideal for any machinery running in a vacuum or wherever cleaning causes a loss of lubrication.

HHC offers our special Hard Chrome at thicknesses in excess of .250″, which is unheard of in the chrome industry.  Thicknesses above .100″ are used to salvage extremely undersized, high-value parts.

HHC Chrome Plating

Similar to H.H. Chromeseal, Hausner Hard Chrome can be used to increase the life of parts or salvage worn or mismachined parts.  Chrome plating can be applied to any metal, with any finish, in any thickness.

Hausner Hard Chrome uses a new electrolytic chrome plating process that applies a dense, but ductile, stress free, low hydrogen chrome with a hardness of 70 to 72 Rc. The Hausner process results in uniform deposit which has an excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, heat, chemicals, thermal shock, and all forms of wear.

Metal Finishing Services

Complete Machine Shop

Each location has a fully staffed machine shop.  Our modern machine shops operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The machine shop has grinding, machining, balancing, and fabrication capabilities.

Polishing, Buffing, and Sandblasting

Our polishing department has a variety of grinding and polishing equipment, as well as multiple sandblasting options, to provide any final surface finish you require.

Other Services

Certified Welding

HHC’s welding department has certified welders operating 24 hours a day performing Tig, Mig, and ARC welding.  Soldering and brazing are also performed in our complete fabrication shop

Pickup and Delivery

HHC has a fleet of trucks at your service for pickup and delivery.  Additionally, we have special arrangements with several large trucking companies and airlines for quick service

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