Portable Chrome Plating On-Site Services

HHC On-Site Services offer our customers a complete repair approach for servicing or refurbishing customer equipment and machine parts. On-site services include brush plating, thermal spray, machining, polishing, and welding. This full spectrum of HHC On-site chrome Services permits HHC to assess customer unique requirements and tailor solutions that offer the best value.

HHC is a 40 year plus old company with significant experience in multiple plating applications. All work performed is completed with safety and environmental protection in mind. We meet or exceed all government regulations and maintain full time Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) personnel that are active participants in federal and state EPA and safety forums.

HHC On-site chrome Services provides Emergency (breakdown) Service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We work with your schedule. In most cases same day service is available. We provide Time & Material quotes based on customer photos and description within 4 hours of your inquiry. Sales and technical support personnel are available to assist customers on initial queries to ensure plating applications are tailored to customer unique requirements. Customer references are available upon request. HHC On-site chrome Services provides plating services nation-wide.

HHC On-site Chrome Services include:

Many Industries served by HHC On-Site Services include:

  • Government: DOD (US Navy and Marine/MIL-STD 2197(SH)/MIL-STD 865)
  • Transportation: (Aircraft, Marine, Rail, Automotive)
  • Power Generation: Oil, Coal, Gas, Hydro, Solar, Nuclear & Wind
  • Electrical (Motors, Armatures, & Buss Bars)
  • Industrial (Mold and Die, Hydraulics, Rotating Equipment, Plastics, & Rubber)
  • Resource (Mining, Pulp & Paper, Petroleum, Refining)
  • Printing (Cylinders, Bearing Journals and Housings)
  • Food (Pharmaceutical, Mixers, Corrosion Protection)
  • Building Mechanical (HVAC Blowers and Shafts, Elevator Motors)

A Brief Description of Many Uses for On-site Services

  • Component Restoration –  Spray ID and/or OD for dimensional correction
  • Electric Motor Repair –  Repair journals (Resize Elevator Motor Journals)
  • Hydraulics –  Ram and cylinder scores repaired without disassembly
  • O-Ring Groves –  Repair pitted surfaces or building to original surface specifications
  • Printing Presses –  Resize journals.  Repair cylinder damage
  • Drums –  Restore damaged dryer and chiller drums
  • Corrosion resistance/repair:  Spray ID and/or OD for corrosion resistance and restoration
  • Shafts –  Restore worn or mis-machined journals to original size
  • Pumps –  Restore housing or impeller shafts
  • Extrusion Operations:  Spot Restoration on roll surfaces

HHC On-Site chrome Services Team

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