About Hausner Hard Chrome

All Hausner Hard Chrome facilities are operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HHC offers exceptional services when you need it the most. For a list of contacts, please visit our contact page.

Hausner Hard Chrome (HHC) has its roots in Germany, where Hans Hausner developed and operated one of the largest Hard Chrome Plating plants from the 30’s to the end of World War II. After the war, he immigrated to the United States with his family, where he and his son Wolfgang started in the business again with a small plant in Chicago. Upon Hans’ retirement and the closure of the plant, Wolfgang founded Hausner Hard-Chrome in Elk Grove Village in the late 60’s.

The operation has since grown into one of the largest hard chrome plating facilities in the United States. Currently Hausner Hard Chrome operates two locations and employs over 100 personnel. It is our goal to make Hausner Hard Chrome into the most modern, successful, and environmentally safe operation in the 21st century.

Wolfgang’s two sons, David and Jeff, are third generation platers and now help run the business.

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Hours of Operation

Both locations operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.