Chris Wathen | February 12, 2016

Reduce Costs with HHC Roller Remanufacturing

Built on a “Foundation of Excellence”

In the early 1960’s Hausner Hard Chrome Inc. began to offer roller remanufacturing coating options and related services throughout the United States. Rapidly, we were offering the highest quality work available while achieving the highest marks in customer satisfaction. Our renewed dedication to customers propelled our business for roll work. Today, HHC’s Roll Remanufacturing Coating Services continue to ensure a trouble free experience with a wide range of value added to its services. Our foundation of excellence is exemplified through the highest quality standards within the varied offerings of Hausner Hard Chrome and Hausner Industrial Coatings. These offerings include a wide variety of applied metals and support services including:

  • Hard chrome
  • Tungsten carbide
  • Chrome carbide
  • Nickel
  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brush Plating Services for spot repairs
  • Grinding, Polishing, Fabrication, Dynamic Balancing, Machining
  • And more!


Breakthrough Processing to Reduce Costs

HHC is a versatile company, suited to meeting the challenges of diverse industries that require roll remanufacturing and coatings. Recent breakthroughs in ACT (anode cell technology) and PS2 (plating solution purification systems) at HHC are allowing us to produce the highest quality coatings while driving down our pricing to clients. This, in turn, has increased our volumes of roll remanufacturing as well as new roll coating. The combinations of success continue to support more innovation, across the board price decreases, quicker turn around, and the highest quality products. This creates a win-win situation for anyone with roll repair needs or new roll coating needs.

Our versatile offerings have continued to grow and thrive as we relentlessly pursue quality in all of our products and customer experiences. As a quality conscious company, we have always associated ourselves with setting the bar high for others and leading the way on roll remanufacturing. We believe this in turn provides a higher standard for roll remanufacturing throughout the US. We support many industries with different roll types, including:

  • Asphalt shingle manufacturing
  • Steel and aluminum
  • Carbon and non-woven fibers
  • Paper and packaging
  • Plastic film and foil


*See below for additional information on the roll types HHC supports.

Roll Remanufacturing Program (RRP)

Our HHC roll remanufacturing program assists customers in establishing preventative maintenance avenues. We provide digital pre-inspection reports as well as outgoing reports and internal dynamic balancing. We offer tight tolerances on run out and concentricity, wall thickness measurements, coating thickness reports, profile reports when necessary, pressure testing, and dye penetrant testing. Our journal repairs are serialized and numbered to correlate with our reports. SAP, PO, and the SN# are all collected in the reporting system. We also provide head plate plating and box and crate building with readable identification. All of these reports are attached to the rolls inside the box and emailed from customer service to you, our valued customer.


*Industries supported by Hausner Hard Chrome Inc. and their corresponding roll types:

Asphalt Shingle Manufacturing — Accumulator rolls, coater rolls, smoothing rolls, applicator rolls, granule rolls, mule rolls, slate drums, sand drums, press rolls, cooling rolls, loop rolls, lam rolls, pull rolls, lam press rolls.


Steel & Aluminum Industry — Top & bottom pinch rolls, tensioner rolls, anti-flutter rolls, leveling rolls, bridal rolls, turnover rolls, zinc rolls, coater rolls, table rolls, deflector rolls, accumulator rolls, laminator rolls, wire guide rolls, distributor rolls, looper rolls, pull rolls, billy rolls, quench rolls, deburring rolls, hold down rolls, coil & loop rolls, feed rolls, edge guide rolls, thermal transfer rolls, slitter draw rolls, guide & backup rollers, hold down rolls, paint applicator rolls, oiler rolls, snub rolls, steering rolls


Carbon & Non-woven Fiber — Wash rolls, draw rolls, carburizer rolls, oven rolls, Nelson rolls, Godet rolls, Nip rolls, Cold stretch rolls, hot drums, textured pull rolls, smoothing rolls, slitter anvil rolls, delivery rolls, dip tank rolls, expander rolls, squeegee rolls, nip rolls, take up rolls, press rolls, sander drums, expander rolls

Paper & Packaging Industry — Breast Rolls, air knife applicator rolls, calendar rolls, press rolls, accumulator rolls, felt rolls, wire rolls, heating rolls, spool rolls, spreader rolls, dancer rolls, drive rolls, embossing rolls, idler rolls, pull rolls, wrinkle rolls, coating rolls, impression rolls, ink fountain rolls, metering rolls, nip rolls seal-down rolls


Plastic Film & Foil Industry — Film extrusion rolls, idler rolls, metering rolls, coating rolls, dancer rolls, chill rolls, draw rolls, backup rolls, embossing rolls, ink fountain rolls, laminator rolls, thermal rolls, bowed rolls, pull rolls


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