Hausner | April 10, 2015

HHC On-Site Selective Brush Plating Services at your Convenience

What is On-Site Selective Brush Plating?

Hausner Hard-Chrome On-Site Selective Brush Plating is a portable system that allows approximately 20 standard metals, and an unlimited number of alloys, to be deposited via electroplating with excellent results on almost any base metal or alloy. This process can be transferred into production facilities to quicken repair and replating of parts. Selective Brush plating begins when a negative charge is supplied to the work piece and a positive charge is applied to an electrode (anode) by the D.C. Power Pack. The anode, covered by a material filled with the plating solution, is either moved across the part or the piece is rotated to obtain full coverage of the plating area. Because plating can only occur where the anode makes contact, this process is also termed: selective plating.

Precise Build-up for Optimal Part life

Hausner Hard-Chrome On-Site Selective brush plating allows dense coatings of metals to be quickly and precisely deposited on a given part. This process easily controls metal thickness to prevent the need for post machining and grinding. In most cases there is no need to strip existing coatings and re‐plate the entire part, as spot repairs can be made simply to affected or damaged areas. This reduces the time necessary for masking and fixturing compared to traditional bath electroplating. Ideally, machine components too large or too expensive to tear down and ship to a repair facility will utilize the Selective Plating process for spot repairs.

Because this process provides outstanding adhesion to most metals, it reduces waste disposal problems with only small volumes of product used. Additionally, the modest areas surfaced lead to a minimization of potential hydrogen embrittlement and future damage to parts.

Military Specification Grade Selective Brush-Plating Solutions & Equipment

HHC On-Site Selective Brush Plating processes meet or exceed the specifications of MIL STD 865C and 2197. Thoroughly trained and experienced operators utilize power packs that are equipped to accept AC Input power and convert it into DC power, up to 500amps. A digital ampere‐hour meter is applied to all units to measure the quantity of current that has passed and enable the operator to monitor the plating thickness. The plating tools consist of an insulated handle, insoluble anode, and an absorbent anode wrap material.

The solutions infused in the wrap material can be classified into four groups: preparatory, stripping, plating, and special purpose. Different prep solutions can be used for varying metals to provide a clean and active base for proper adhesion. Plating solutions contain a range of pure metal or alloy metal deposits which provide specific characteristics to meet performance and job criteria. Special purpose solutions include anodizing, electropolishing, conversion coatings, black nickel coatings, and others. All HHC On-Site Selective Brush Plating solutions have MSDS and Technical Data available as well. Solutions are designed for ease of use, effective plating results under rapid deposition, and are as safe as possible in the hands of professionals. Safety and Environmental Managers routinely approve all chemicals and equipment utilized by the HHC On-Site Selective Brush plating team.

When properly operated and applied, the HHC On-Site Brush Plating Process and its precision deposits meet or exceed most Military and Federal specifications. Many industrial and military functions have tested the process stringently and reported excellent results.

The most Challenging Solutions Need the Best Product or Process applied

The HHC On-Site Selective Brush Plating process is highly effective for spot repairs, bearing and journal repairs, corrosion control, and other application uses. Parts that cannot effectively and economically be remanufactured through traditional methods can be processed via Hausner Hard Chrome’s On-Site Selective Brush Plating process. Additionally pieces that would be expensive to dissemble can easily be plated while still in the production line. HHC’s professionals are properly trained to achieve deposits of precise thickness for optimal performance of each part.

Hausner Hard-Chrome is considered the leader in the Industrial or Engineered Chromium field providing customers coast to coast with solutions utilizing the services offered; customers with both large and small problems depend on HHC for solutions. Contact us for more information or professional advice on your parts and projects at